History of Pakistan Golf Federation

Golf is the only game in which Pakistan literally started from scratch. The game was introduced and patronized in the Sub-Continent by the British. After partition a big void was created and the game might have been extinct in Pakistan had it not been for the few die-hard seniors who made an enormous effort to keep the game alive. Foremost among them were Mr. Tajuddin Salimi of Pakistan West Railways Club, Lahore, Mr. Rashid Habib of Karachi Golf Club and Maj. Mohsin Ali in the East Wing. Until 1958 Lahore with its two golf clubs,the Lahore Gymkhana and PWR Golf Club in West Pakistan and Tea Estate Golf Clubs in East Pakistan were the main centers of golfing activities.

President of Pakistan late Field Marshall M. Ayub Khan inaugurated the golf section of the club on 15th November 1967 and PIA Pavilion was opened by Air Marshal Asghar Khan on 26th March 1968, which is now the Clubhouse of IGC.

The absence of Pakistan at the establishment of the World Amateur Golf Council in May 1958 and the preparations for the First World Amateur Team Championship to be held at the St. Andrews (Scotland) lead to the need for a central golf organization in Pakistan.

A number of dedicated golfers realized that the time had come to form a central body for controlling the game of GOLF in the Pakistan. It was due to their dedicated and concerted efforts, the "PAKISTAN GOLF UNION" (PGU) was established in the year 1960. It was registered on 17th May 1960 under the Registration of Societies Act XXI of 1860. Its aims and objective were to promote and develop the game of Golf in Pakistan. Intimation in regard to the formation of the Pakistan Golf Union was given to the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews for the purpose of its affiliation with them.

The founder member clubs of the PGU were:

  • Karachi Golf Club
  • Pakistan West Railways Golf Club, Lahore
  • Lahore Gymkhana Golf Club
  • Rawalpindi Golf Club
  • Peshawar Golf Club
  • Dacca Golf Club (Now in Bangladesh)

The first Council of Management which was duly elected by the founder member clubs on 9th July 1960 was:

  • Mr. Justice A.R. Cornelius President
  • Mr. R.D. Habib Vice President
  • Mr. Tajuddin Salimi Honorary Secretary
  • Mr. R.W. Kent Member
  • Mr. R. GrantMember
  • Mr. Safdar RashidMember
  • Brig K. WasiuddinMember
  • Mr. M. Heald (East Pakistan)Member